Meet The New Construction Team


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Chrissy Coppock| Alen Munoz | Martin Ferman | Ruben Cadena | Omar Munoz | Wesley Wise | Billy Wofford | NACHO | Roger Villarreal | Mark Dearborn | Jorge Reyna | Dan Lopez | Neal Guthrie | Chad Day | Hunter McClendon | Jerry Beam

From Left BOTTOM:
Omar Menchaca | lvann Sanchez | Mark Negrete | Salvador Reyna | Ashu Mandit | Isai Lopez

NOT PICTURED: Neil McClendon & Gabe Vera

Roger Villarreal started with Texas Ace Heating & Air in January 2015. When he first started, he represented the entire New Construction Department - a department that did not exist prior to his hire. He served as the sales rep, the field rep, the QC rep, the designer, and the manager. Quickly identifying an area within the company both ideal and necessary for growth, Roger set out to foster and build relationships with as many builders, and project managers as he could - the easiest of his tasks, given his commitment to customer care and service. Already known within the industry for his direct collaboration and tenacious work ethic, his attention to the customer experience has helped grow the department into the largest sector of Texas Ace Heating & Air.

And, as the New Construction Department continues to grow, so too the team. Now a highly prized ensemble of the most experienced and professional talent, the New Construction Department employs a support staff led by Dan Lopez; a Quality Control crew led by Chad Day; a Start-Up crew led by Mark Dearborn; a Warehouse crew led by Isai Lopez; and, an Engineering staff led by Billy Wofford. And this is where Roger is most comfortable - much preferring to discuss the team’s accolades than that of his own attributes - awards such as Vendor of the Month, Trade of the Quarter, and Outstanding Vendor of the Year. Just as important, are the personal rewards that come from working with such programs as Habitat for Humanity and Homes for Troops.

And, while the success of the department lies largely with the team’s efforts, it's Roger's big heart and big personality that continues to win over his peers, his customers, and his community of builders.