Meet The Accounting Team

Lyn Wise, Accounting Manager at Texas Aces HVAC in Dallas, TX

Lyn Wise
Accounting Manager

Lyn started with Texas Ace Heating & Air on New Year's Eve, 2013. She was the missing link that the company so desperately needed. Initially, Lyn would serve as the office manager - someone who could immediately provide strong organizational skills and a keen eye for details. But that wasn't her only claim to fame with Texas Ace Heating & Air. She was also able to expand the company's genetic pool as the company's first female hire. With her addition, the dynamics of the office soon shifted. For the first time, walls weren't just beige - hers were "Toasted Almond". The burnt popcorn smell was soon replaced with scents of cinnamon and apple, with hints of vanilla. And very quickly, employees started referring to her as both Mother Hen and Queen Bee.

Over the course of the past few years, Lyn has continued to embody and expand her role within the company. While she continues to direct and navigate the intricacies of the office, she also serves as the company's Accounting Manager. To this point, she has cultivated and grown a single position into what is now the Accounting Team. She is quick to give accolades to both her dynamic team and the many female faces that now represent Texas Ace Heating & Air. And, she continues to trailblaze the path for so many, she points out, "Women are naturally born leaders and caretakers. We are so fortunate to have assembled such a talented group of strong, smart, witty women who stand shoulder to shoulder with our men and do it with such style and grace."

Accounting Team

Texas Aces HVAC accounting team