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Making Your HVAC More Efficient

Summertime means warmer weather, brighter days, and more outdoor fun! Unfortunately, the summer can also mean higher utility bills. Here in Texas, temperatures regularly reach into the 90s and above during the summer season. Your home should be your retreat from the heat, but keeping your house comfortable can get expensive. That’s why we’re sharing 3 simple ways you can improve your HVAC efficiency this summer.


1. Have Routine Maintenance Performed

The quickest and easiest way to improve your HVAC efficiency is to call in the professionals. Part of an HVAC technician’s job is to ensure everything is working, and that it’s working well.  During a routine HVAC maintenance appointment, a technician will complete all of the regular upkeep steps needed to keep your air conditioning system operating efficiently.  Often this will include maintenance steps such as replacing air filters, ensuring proper drainage, inspecting ductwork, cleaning the coils, and more!

Keeping your air conditioner in great working condition is an important job, and there’s no one better qualified to tackle it than a trained technician. Texas Ace offers comprehensive air conditioner repair and maintenance services. Call us anytime to set up an appointment.


2. Invest in Other Home-Cooling Strategies

Your HVAC system isn’t the only way to keep the temperature down in your home. There are plenty of other ways you can keep your home cool (or at least cooler than the outdoors) this summer. Curtains do a great job of blocking the sun and keeping temperatures down inside your home. They also function as an insulator, preventing cool air from leaving your home through the windows. Home window tinting is another way to reduce the amount of sunlight heating up your home without blocking out all of the natural light.

If you’re using a window ac unit, make sure that it’s shielded from the sun. Direct sunlight can actually reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner by up to 10%. Investing in a shade awning or repositioning a unit to a different window can improve efficiency and save you money. Finally, invest in natural outdoor shading such as foliage or trellises to keep your home out of direct sunlight. Shrubs and trees can be highly effective light blockers. Plus, they make your home more visually attractive!


3. Get a Smart Thermostat

Surprise! We’re talking about Smart Thermostats again. When the topic of HVAC efficiency comes up, we have to talk about these handy tools. Smart Thermostats save you money, plain and simple. You can turn the A/C down when you’re away from home, which means you aren’t stuck paying to keep an empty home comfortable. What’s more, using a smart thermostat to conserve energy during peak electricity hours will save you BIG money.

Peak hours are generally those times of the day when energy demand is highest. Here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, these are also the times when electricity is the most expensive. Peak demand hours are typically between 1 PM and 7 PM, and partial-peak hours are from 10 AM to 1 PM.

If you work a 9 to 5 job and leave your A/C running while you’re at work, you’re paying peak hour rates for at least 7 hours a day. That’s 7 hours of energy uses for A/C you don’t even get to experience! A smart thermostat allows you to turn your A/C down when you’re away from home, saving you money. When you’re heading home for the day, you can easily turn the temperature back down from your smartphone so that you’re coming home to a comfortable house. You can even set routines for your HVAC system so that the temperature automatically adjusts after you leave for work in the morning and before you get home in the evening. Learn more about the benefits of using a smart thermostat and see how they could save you money!



Air Conditioner Repair and Installation

The team at Texas Ace is here to keep you, your family, and your business comfortable year round. If you need an air conditioner installed or repaired, get in touch! Give us a call or submit an appointment request online.

Well perform a full inspection of your home’s air conditioning system and make repairs or replacements as needed.