All About Solar Air Conditioning

Solar HVAC systems are a real game-changer! Powering your home with solar energy is getting simpler every year. Between the environmental benefits, tax credit incentives, and energy savings solar AC is an exceptional choice for your heating and cooling needs. Read on to learn more about solar air conditioning!


How Does Solar AC Work?

Solar HVAC works exactly as you might imagine! To put it simply, solar energy from the sun is captured via a solar panel. Solar panels convert the sun rays into usable electric energy. This energy can either be used directly or stored in a battery. Solar AC is powered by this energy, either supplementing grid energy usage or completely replacing the need for grid energy.

Check out our page on solar air conditioning for even more information.


What are the Benefits of Solar A/C?

There are plenty of reasons to consider investing in solar energy for your home’s HVAC system! We’ve listed out a few of them below:

  • Save on utilities: The upfront cost of installing solar energy can be heavily offset by the savings on utility bills. You can receive tax rebates for installing solar panels. Plus, if you produce more energy than you use, that power can be directed back into the grid. You can receive credit for the energy that you give back, meaning you can actually get paid for using solar!


  • Effective and eco-friendly: Solar A/C systems are just as effective as traditional grid-powered HVAC systems. However, they’re considered much more environmentally friendly. Combine solar energy with an energy-efficient HVAC system to enjoy an even cleaner heating and cooling solution. Speaking of efficiency…


  • Smart-thermostat compatible: Combine solar A/C with smart home technology to save even more money! We can’t stop singing the praises of smart thermostats, and for good reason. Smart thermostats allow you to reduce HVAC energy usage when you aren’t home.Plus, you can schedule heating and cooling programs that will keep your house comfortable when you’re home. That means you don’t have to worry about manually turning the temperature up and down throughout the day. Adjust the temperature conveniently any time of day just by using your smartphone!


Is Solar AC Right for You?

The upfront cost of a solar energy system is the primary drawback of a solar AC system. However, with tax credits and solar energy buyback, setting up solar energy is probably cheaper than you expect!

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