An HVAC technician applies duct tape to an attic hvac duct

Why You Need a Springtime HVAC Inspection

Spring is here! The weather may be mild right now, but the summer heat is just around the corner. You may not be using your HVAC system much right now, but springtime is the perfect time for an HVAC inspection. Getting the professionals in now will make sure that your system is ready for the upcoming weather!

There are plenty of reasons why you should have a springtime HVAC inspection done. We’ll cover a few of them below, as well as what you can expect during your HVAC inspection and maintenance appointment!


Enjoy better energy efficiency

Just because your air conditioner is running doesn’t mean it’s running well. Regular maintenance is key to ensuring that your HVAC system is as energy-efficient as possible. If you’ve noticed your utility bill creeping higher for no reason, inefficient energy usage is the most likely culprit! Save money on your utility bills and keep your home as eco-friendly as possible with routine maintenance.

Texas Ace Heating and Air offers preventative maintenance packages that make HVAC maintenance easy! Learn more about our preventative maintenance services here.


Avoid costly and inconvenient breakdowns

The biggest reason routine inspections are important is that they help prevent costly repairs. Regular wear and tear on your HVAC system is unavoidable. It’s best to catch HVAC problems when they first begin.  The price for simple repairs is almost always smaller than a large-scale repair or replacement job.


Keep your warranty validated

Is your HVAC system still under warranty? If so, you’ll need to have routine inspections and maintenance done to keep it that way! Failure to schedule tune-ups and maintenance can void your warranty coverage. If this happens, you’ll be left paying out of pocket for any and all repairs that your system needs.


Extend the life of your system

Maintenance is necessary to ensure peak performance and longevity of your HVAC system. It’s also vital to knowing what condition your system is in, and if you’ll need repairs soon. Extend the service life of your system with a spring HVAC inspection and maintenance appointment!

The springtime is the perfect time to have maintenance work done on your home’s HVAC system. Having work done now will ensure your system is running at peak efficiency and effectiveness in the summer heat.


What happens during an HVAC inspection?

Changing filters: dirt, dust, pollen, animal dander, and other pollutants can be cleared from the air with your HVAC systems filters. When these filters are full, all of those different irritants will circulate through your home! When you call Texas Ace for an HVAC inspection and maintenance appointment, we’ll change out your system’s filters. A clean filter makes a huge difference in your home’s indoor air quality.

Interested in whole-home air purification? Texas Ace Heating and Air carries several whole-home air purification systems. Learn more about our air purification services.

Checking system integrity and safety: it’s normal for HVAC systems to produce small amounts of carbon monoxide as a byproduct of their operation. However, a system with flaws or defects can produce dangerous amounts of this colorless, odorless gas. HVAC systems should be routinely checked to ensure your system is running safely.

Clearing of drainage lines: all air conditioners have a drainage line. This line needs to be kept clean and clog-free to keep the system running properly. Clogged drain lines put unnecessary stress on your HVAC unit. This can lead to lower efficiency or backed-up lines, which can cause expensive damages to your home. During an inspection, an HVAC technician will clear your drainage line and ensure it’s in good shape.



Just as you (should) get routine service done on your car, you should also have regular maintenance and tune-ups done for your HVAC system. Give Texas Ace Heating and Air a call anytime at 817-240-6701, or contact us online to learn more about your options for HVAC inspections and maintenance.