To Our Valued Texas Ace Heating & Air Family:

It has been brought to our attention that an individual has been fraudulently rendering HVAC services as Texas Ace Heating & Air. To our knowledge, there is only one account of this fraudulent activity from a Facebook user named Jacky Kawaan. Please do not engage with this, or any, individual offering service as Texas Ace Heating & Air.

Please be advised, Texas Ace Heating & Air team members will NOT reach out to you from personal social media accounts. All legitimate communications begin with direct contact to/from official Texas Ace Heating & Air accounts, known Texas Ace Heating & Air representatives, business pages and phone lines. If you receive any unexpected communication from individuals claiming to be affiliated with Texas Ace Heating & Air, please report them immediately to 817-240-6701 or

We are working diligently with the appropriate authorities to find a resolution to this. Until then, please know your safety and security is of the utmost priority at Texas Ace Heating & Air. If you have any concern that you may be a victim of this fraud, please contact us at 817-240-6701 to verify the legitimacy of your interaction.

Thank You,
Texas Ace Heating & Air Team
P: 817-240-6701

COVID-19 Statement

At Texas Ace Heating & Air, we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak with the attention it deserves. As we all try to navigate these new challenges, Texas Ace Heating & Air will continue to support the needs of our customers and our community by remaining fully committed to following all CDC protocols. Among many of our safeguards, includes our technicians taking additional precautions with hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes prior to entering a customer’s home and upon exit. We believe taking such proactive measures benefits both the customer and the employee. We are also actively encouraging any employee exhibiting any symptoms to stay home until either they become non-symptomatic, and fever-free or have received a clearance from their physician. Further, we have encouraged all of our employees to practice safe respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene. We are fully committed to ensuring our actions reflect what is best for both our Texas Ace Heating & Air customers and our Texas Ace Heating & Air family.

We are determined to deliver on the uncompromising levels of customer care and service you have come to expect. Texas Ace Heating & Air has always been and remains the company who cares. We stand by you during these times of uncertainty and promise to be here with you every step of the way.