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Meet The Commercial Team

Shawn bell

Mark Fanning

Commercial Manager

Mark started with Texas Ace Heating & Air in December 2013 - just months after the company’s inception. He initially served in just about every capacity that included: sales, accounting, service, and operations. As the company continued to grow in both employee and project numbers, so too the need for oversight. In order to deliver on the company’s promise of unparalleled service during such tremendous growth, Mark was named General Manager of Texas Ace Heating & Air. He champions an incredible team of highly prized talent that boasts over 200 years of collective experience, within the Commercial Department alone.

As he faces down the challenges that come with the continued and unprecedented growth of the company, Mark is quick to give praise and recognition to the team that has helped shape the success that Texas Ace Heating & Air holds. He frequently states, “Our TEAM is Commercial Department our family. ..and the company's greatest achievement.”

Commercial Department


From left: Mark Fanning, Keith Honea, Bruce Pflueger, Doug Yarbrough, Kale Crader, Nathan Wise, Brent Archibald, Allison Sullivan, Rob Honea, Ashton Poarch, Hayden Gutierrez, Grant Walker, Devin Pflueger, Arrik Gibson, Michael Walker, Colton Moore

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